COVID-19 is a war only Districts can fight

#1: An open letter to all District Magistrates, Collectors & Deputy Commissioners.

COVID-19 cases grow 10x every 10 days.

India lost 6% of her population in the Spanish flu of 1918. COVID-19 is growing rapidly today- it’s highly transmissible (R0 3-5), has a high hospitalisation rate (20%), a high ICU admission rate (6-10%). The human & economic cost of such exponential growth will overwhelm our system very quickly.

But it is containable, if fought at the District level.

Implemented well, it is a 5-7 week solution. Done incorrectly, it can drag on for months & cause thousands of deaths. The District is the most effective administrative unit to fight the virus and the key steps to stop the outbreak are:

1. Massive testing protocol & isolation of infected people

2. District level zoning to tightly contain the outbreak

3. A well formed strategy for releasing the lockdown

Your District can stay 2 steps ahead of COVID-19.

We want to help your district implement best-practices from other countries that have stopped the outbreak. This includes guidelines for hospitals, healthcare and essential service workers, high risk institutions (eg old age homes, prisons), grocery stores & businesses. We can give you

  1. A district level digital war room with dashboards to monitor real-time data 

  2. Detailed SOPs for all guidelines & recruit volunteers to implement them

  3. Help with procurement of all essentials - test kits, PPE, healthcare supplies

Email us at to sign your District up for the Outbreak Control Playbook. (non-profit) is the world’s largest organization to fight COVID-19, with 2000+ scientists, doctors, engineers & analysts, from NECSI / Harvard / MIT / IIT / IIM, monitoring the spread & control of COVID-19 since January. We have published the most effective set of guidelines for governments to fight the pandemic. Our efforts were critical in the US in banning flights from China in Jan & other early outbreak control measures.

Our mission is to end the outbreak in India.